“Thinking about cycling”

Pyrenees, Alps, Dolomite, Camino Santiago, Andalucia, Picos Europa, Basque Country, Rioja, Mediterranean, Asturias, Canary Islands, Portugal, Galicia, Levante, Catalonia, Tuscany… in any destination that may be suggestive to enjoy with the bike.

We will take care about organizing everything for you!

Viajes a la carta
  • In ZIKLO we have an “a la carte” service for cycling tours. You choose destination, type of stages, days, kilometres per day, accommodation level, etc. and we take care of organizing everything (routes, tracks, ports, tips, hotels…).
  • We offer guided options, hiring our services (support vehicles, guides, supplies, etc.) but also the possibility of organizing the tour for your group to enjoy it on your own.
  • The design of the stages (kilometres, hardness…), complementary activities (meals, visits…), duration, type of accommodation, etc., is carried out following the preferences of each group.
  • Any of our routes can be done with an e-Bike and with a plan for family, friends or a group.